Ride Home with Sparkle

Sparkle started her radio career after majoring in theater at the College of Charleston. She’s been on the air here in Charleston for the last 7 years and loves to call this place home. She loves ALL things entertainment” music, acting, writing, and especially being on air!  She was introduced to classic music early  in her life by her parents, with Journeys Greatest Hits. Some of her fondest memories are blaring “ Wheel in the Sky” with her brothers on road trips! On the weekends, you will find Sparkle at concerts and live music with her friends, volunteering at church, and hanging with her family. When she is not on air, she is traveling and finding the next  “you won’t believe this but..” moment!

She has too many favorite movies to count (you will learn she can be pretty indecisive lol) but some include: Star Wars, Dumb and Dumber, Anchorman, Rock of Ages and more! Ask her about her time as a traveling actress for a national summer camp or her time in South Africa on a mission trip. Sparkle loves all things glitter, all things dramatic, and all things Christmas. Next time you meet her, she will hug you!