Payless Just Tricked People To Pay $500 for $20 Shoes And I Can’t Stop Laughing

How much would you spend on a $20 pair of shoes? Seems like an obvious question, but it’s one that really stumped LA.

Payless set up a fake designer shoe store in Los Angeles, they called it Palessi and it featured shoes by Italian designer, Bruno Palessi.

Only, he doesn’t exist.

Payless made the whole thing up to see how much people would pay for shoes just because of the label and boy did it make these shoppers look dense.

Some of them paid up to $500 on shoes… that originally cost under $30. The good news is, Payless gave them their money back and even let them keep the shoes but wow.

What did we learn here, kids? Consumers with too much money make horrible decisions.

~ Tori Lynn