No More Folly Gras

Events of Folly Gras 2019!

Posted by Charleston TALKS on Saturday, February 23, 2019

Well… after that video I can’t imagine why they wouldn’t want this totally classy event to continue *eyeroll*.

In all fairness, this has every chance of being a fun – even family friendly – event, but unfortunately trash ruins everything.

Yes, I called them trash. Not everyone, but the majority of this group stunk worse than a landfill.

I actually went out on Saturday and all I saw was a sea of angry, drunk college kids with mommy & daddy’s credit card.

Two of which – both guys – called me an “old a** b****”, now I think we all know I absolutely fit that description… but was all that really necessary? Mind you, that all started when I put my hand up to block my face, because their friend almost headbutt me (on accident) and both he & I had laughed it off and moved on. Then the friends start calling me names… again I ask, why?

Between people like those guys, this girl, and EVERYONE who sat there while she attacked a security guard… might be a good call to pull the plug, at least until the city can figure a better way to host the event.



~ Torry