Life Hacks: Hydrogen Peroxide Is A Gift To The World

My nieces stayed with me a few weeks ago… my youngest niece had a few mosquito bites that she picked at during the night, they bled, by the time I woke up, it was dried into the sheets.

There was a moment of panic for sure.

Then I remembered something my grandma once told me – hydrogen peroxide.

She was a nurse, just FYI. LOL there was a valid reason she knew this.

I put the sheets/clothes in the sink, DOUSED the stained areas with hydrogen peroxide and let it sit, then threw them in the wash.


I would never believe it worked that well if I didn’t see it first hand.

And honestly, the stains were gone before I ever even washed the sheets, I just felt like they needed a good washing after all that.

DISCLAIMER: If you have darker sheets/clothes – air on the side of caution, it typically works as a bleach.

~ Tori Lynn