Is Grey’s Anatomy Getting Canceled???

Grey’s Anatomy may be coming to an end.

I know, Christina, I know.

Shonda Rhimes (creator & reason we cry every week) says the show’s fate is in Ellen Pompeo’s (Meredith Grey) hands.

Basically, when Ellen is ready to quit, they’ll end the show.

Then Pompeo recently admitted to ET Online they are in the works of figuring out how to end the iconic series, although they’re “not there yet”.

I mean, it has been on for 14 years, which is an insane amount of time, especially to still have some of the same characters from episode 1.


There’s no set end date for the series, so we’ll all just sit in heartbroken anticipation.

^ me, being so done with this emotional rollercoaster.


~ Tori Lynn